Jill Robb

Digital Marketing Director, Origin Digital

Jill attended Belfast High School in Newtownabbey where, in 1996, she became Marketing Director of her first business through the Young Enterprise Company Programme.  Eighteen years later, Jill is now a Digital Marketing professional with her own firm, Origin Digital.

“When I took part in the Company Programme, I didn’t realise just how much impact it would have on my future.  I finished University, and carried on my career in retail until I looked back at my experience with Young Enterprise and realised that my passion was in marketing and I had already begun to develop the skills I needed to forge my career as a marketer and entrepreneur.

“Four and a half years later, in 2009, I had started my own digital marketing  company, Ambition Digital.  In 2014 we merged with Origin Partners to form Origin Digital, a full Service web and mobile design, development and digital marketing agency.”