Jordan McCullough

Human Resources Manager at Hastings Hotels 

During my complete school career I was exposed to Young Enterprise.  My earliest memory of YENI was around 2002 while at primary school at Buick Memorial in Cullybackey completing what is now know as the ‘Our Community’ programme! From the Buick, I moved to Cullybackey High School (now Cullybackey College) to complete my secondary education. With the move, YENI programmes followed me as I progressed through the different years and Key Stages of education.  The programmes were always fun and exciting as not only did we get to learn about business, but also got a day out of class.

Once I completed my secondary education, I transferred to Dunclug College on the outskirts of Ballymena to undertake my A-Level qualifications. At Dunclug I didn’t really know where I would see myself now, until I completed the company program with YENI. In the company that was run, I was appointed as the HR Director. I remember enjoying directing the business and dealing with all the people issues that came with it. As I progressed through sixth form, the opportunity came to conduct work experience and I completed this with YENI for a week going into schools and also being located in the Newtownabbey office. After successfully completing sixth form, I progressed to Ulster University to read BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management with a Diploma in Professional Practice.  While at university on my days off, I volunteered with YENI which I still do today, going into schools and also being a Business Advisor to a company.

I can certainly say, that if it was not for YENI I probably would not being doing the role that I am doing now or enjoying my role as much as I do, all because I was the HR Director in a YENI company. The opportunities that are provided by YENI are unbelievable and should be grasped to not only educate students today, but to develop students’ skills and qualities to make them more employable in the future. Because of my degree, experience and YENI exposure, I now work with Hastings Hotels; one of Northern Ireland’s prestigious family-run company who provide the finest in Irish hospitality with style and excellence, as a Human Resources Manager based within one of the group hotels.