Mark Hamilton / Ash

Co-Founder, Atomic Heart Records and Multi-Platinum Musician

One of Northern Ireland’s most popular bands, Ash, formed in Down High School in 1992 with bassist Mark Hamilton using his Young Enterprise Company programme business ‘Raptor Records’ to press the bands first record.

A short time later, the band penned it’s breakthrough hit ‘Girl From Mars’, launching into superstardom, culminating in headlining the main stage at the legendary Glastonbury music festival in 1997.  After 6 albums, including the twice platinum selling classic ‘1977’, the band took an entrepreneurial turn in 2009 when Mark announced plans to open Atomic Heart Records based in New York City with the band recording a year long series of singles recorded at the recently acquired Atomic Heart Studios.

The innovative series challenged the music industry as the band self-released their music digitally via a subscription model and self-funded sales of 7″ vinyl singles turning making Ash one of the most entrepreneurial and innovative bands in recent times.