Reuben McFeeters

Founder, WAY NORTH

Reuben was Managing Director for Young Enterprise company SmartFind at Campbell College, whilst also starting up his own business. That business grew into WAY NORTH which today distributes beautifully designed, affordable watches to 32 different countries all over the world, including Singapore, Germany, UAE and the US.

“I started the business through my own savings and have done everything from designing the watches, to coding the website combine with branding and marketing to make the products sell. The Young Enterprise experience has a part to play in how I have been able to achieve this success. The Company programme taught me a lot especially about how to manage people, how to deal with manufacturers and suppliers and to not always get the answer I was looking for.

“It taught me the importance of presentation and how to deal with costumers at the trade fairs. Young Enterprise taught me a lot but ultimately gave me confidence to pursue my passion which is business and entrepreneurship and I am thankful for the opportunity. I pitched WAY NORTH to win Entrepreneur of the Future for the Belfast Area and without the assurance that I had a good enough idea to win I don’t know if I ever would have pursued the business.”