Jim Eastwood Young Enterprise Northern Ireland

Jim Eastwood

Vice President, Groupon UK & Ireland
BBC Apprentice Series 7 Finalist

“Young people in Northern Ireland are so lucky to have the support of a charity like Young Enterprise that, year in year out, brings so many fantastic opportunities their way – inspiring them to become enthusiastic about entrepreneurship and equipping them with the knowledge and skills to go out and succeed in the world of business.”

David Meade Young Enterprise Northern Ireland

David Meade

Public speaker, Television Personality
Star of BBC Make Believe

“Enterprise is the backbone of today’s economy; here in Northern Ireland it is essential for business and education to work together to ensure that students have the opportunity to become business leaders and enterprising professionals.  Young Enterprise NI play a vital role in giving the youth of today the confidence and belief in themselves to achieve this, it is an honour for me to be involved in such a worthwhile organisation.”

Maria Doran Young Enterprise Northern Ireland

Maria Doran

BBC Young Apprentice Finalist
Young Enterprise Alumna

“Taking part in the Young Enterprise NI Company Programme has taught me so many invaluable lessons that just could not have been taught in the classroom.  I feel that my work with Young Enterprise NI has allowed me to develop and mature as a student, an entrepreneur and as a young woman all in the space of the last three years.

I am a constant dreamer, which is not necessarily a bad thing. What the Company Programme gave me was the ability to set apart dreams from reality and create something that could actually make a difference in real life.”