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Young Enterprise
Learner Development Journey

Learner Development Journey
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The Young Enterprise Company Suite gives young people the opportunity to start their own business and get real-world experience of work.  In partnership with a volunteer business adviser young people of all abilities have the opportunity to explore the real world of entrepreneurship while growing their own skills, confidence and aspirations through a hands-on programme.

The Learner Development Journey

  1. Raise Awareness: Young people are aware of the skills and recognise their importance.  Their confidence is raised.
  2. Build Understanding: Young people understand the competencies and recognise the need for continuous personal development in order to reach their ambitions. Their aspirations are raised.
  3. Apply Skills: Young people apply the skills in new situations that require key competencies and attitudes to succeed. Their successful habits are developed.
  4. Model Competencies: Young people model the key competencies in action. They articulate and evidence understanding and application of the skills using real-life

Programme Information

Stages 3-4
Age: Keystage 3/4

Students get an insight into entrepreneurship by setting up and running their own company over the course of 10 sessions, with support from a business mentor. QuickStart is supported by Ulster Bank.

Delivery time: Flexible over 10 sessions

Company Programme
Stages 3-4
Age: 15-19 years old

This flagship programme is the ultimate enterprise experience. Young people set up and run a real company for a year with guidance from a business volunteer and have the chance to compete with other schools.

Delivery time: Up to one academic year

Team Programme
Stages 3-4
Age: 15-19 years old +

Team is the only programme of its kind in the UK designed to help students with learning difficulties or disabilities learn about business and run a real company at their own pace.

Delivery time: Up to two academic years

Start-up Programme
Stages 3-4
Age: 18-25 years old +

Students studying in either Further Education or at University level set up and run their own real company.

Delivery time: Up to one calendar year

Stages 1-2
Age: All ages

National competition to find the next generation of budding entrepreneurs with a £10 pledge from the Tenner bank.

Delivery time: Flexible throughout March year

Stages 2-3
Age: Primary 5/7

National competition to find the next generation of budding entrepreneurs with a £5 pledge from the Fiver bank.

Delivery time: Flexible throughout June each year

Business Beginnings
Stages 3-4
Age: Primary 5/7

The Business Beginnings programme allows young people to get real business experience by setting up and running their own company. Aimed at young people from Primary 5 to Primary 7, the programme gives an insight into how business works in the real world.

Delivery time: Flexible throughout June each year