Young Enterprise Northern Ireland Masterclasses


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Young Enterprise
Learner Development Journey

Learner Development Journey
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The Young Enterprise Masterclass suite is a series of highly targets programmes that introduces young people to growth sectors of the economy. Each programme is tailored to it’s specific industry with a view to exploring entrepreneurship in the sector and developing creative business ideas to tackle real gaps in the market.

The Post-Primary Journey

  1. Raise Awareness: Young people are aware of the skills and recognise their importance.  Their confidence is raised.
  2. Build Understanding: Young people understand the competencies and recognise the need for continuous personal development in order to reach their ambitions. Their aspirations are raised.
  3. Apply Skills: Young people apply the skills in new situations that require key competencies and attitudes to succeed. Their successful habits are developed.
  4. Model Competencies: Young people model the key competencies in action. They articulate and evidence understanding and application of the skills using real-life

Stages 1-3
Age: All ages

Masterclasses exploring growth sectors including

  • Tourism
  • Digital
  • Science
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Engineering
  • Creativity
  • Food & Drink

Delivery time: 2.5 – 3 hours